Accur8DrivingLessons Terms & Conditions November 2012

Payment of Lessons.
All lessons must be paid for in full to your Driving Instructor before the commencement of each lesson. Where possible we ask that all students please have as near as possible, the correct money required per-lesson as our driving instructors will only carry a limited amount of change at any one time. We only accept cash for payment.

Only by prior arrangement and with agreement with Accur8DrivingLessons Management, Bank cheques or money orders will be accepted but this will include a minimum 48 hours’ notice being given. If during a driving lesson it is possible to stop at an ATM so as a client/student can withdraw the lesson fee, then we will endeavour to do so but please note the time taken to do this will take up part of that total lessons actual time and it must not cause the lesson to run over time. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE OUR DRIVERS INSTRUCTURED TO GIVE CREDIT SO PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR CREDIT AS REFUSALS MAY OFFEND.

Cancellation of Lessons
Unless prior arrangements have been made and if for some reason you need to cancel a scheduled lesson or change a double lesson to a single etc; you must provide Accur8DrivingLessons a full 24 hours’ notice, failure to adhere to this will result in a penalty fee of $25.00 and the cost of that next lesson needing to be paid in full before your next scheduled lesson can commence. All cancellations must be made by SMS or phoning to 0410 509 243, you can also email your change of booking to, Accepted Changes To A

Scheduled Lesson

Any client can cancel a lesson or reschedule a lesson time as long as a minimum 24 hours’ notice is given to Accur8DrivingLessons via SMS, phoning 0410 509 243 or by emailing Accur8DrivingLessons will do everything possible to accommodate your new time request but please bear in mind the new times you seek may already be booked up with other clients.

Client Pick Up & Drop-Off Addresses.

We at Accur8DrivingLessons unlike other driving schools want to encourage our clients to nominate different pick up and drop off points, such as schools and work or from home to work or from school to football training for example as we believe it helps us to deliver to our clients a real sense of everyday safe driving experiences, rather than the boring old same back streets around the direct areas that you live. To make this possible we ask that when you make your appointments you tell us as early as possible (minimum 24 hours notice) of any changes to your pick up and drop off points so as it doesn’t interfere with our Instructors lesson timetable. Our Instructors will be happy to accommodate changes within the lesson running time if and whenever possible as long as it doesn’t make our Instructors late for their next appointed lesson.

An accepted example of this would be Student A having a 45 minute lesson getting picked up at their home in Bundoora. Instead of being returned to their home address they ask to be dropped off at work in Preston, our Instructor’s next lesson is in Reservoir, knowing these suburbs are close to each other our Instructor will be happy to accommodate the changes requested.

What if Accur8DrivingLessons Needs To Cancel A Lesson Or Is Running Late
Should a driving lesson need to be cancelled by Accur8DrivingLessons rest assured that we will do everything in our power to reschedule your driving lesson as soon as possible. We will also discount your next rescheduled lesson by $5.00.

We at Accur8DrivingLessons are committed to doing our best to being on time, every time with our lesson bookings. Unfortunately from time to time our type of business does sometimes experience time delays beyond our control (traffic accidents, VicRoads processing hold ups, etc.) in the unfortunate event that this does occur we ask that all students allow us a 15 minute buffer to arrive to your scheduled lesson. If, beyond our control we arrive 15 minutes later than planned we will reschedule your lesson at a time appropriate to your liking and offer you $5.00 of the price of your next lesson.