Accur8DrivingLessons promise to ensure that you, our clients and students become a safe, efficient & confident driver in all conditions and on all types of roads, while at the same time enjoying the learning experience, along the way with our dedicated and professional Instructors. We promise to become unmatched in what we offer to you our clients /students as we too try to grow our brand by providing you with Industry Best Practice Training Methods that all our Instructors have obtained and been trained in.

We don’t want you to become just another Licenced driver, we want to be proud in teaching you to become a safe and confident driver who enjoys all aspects of what driving a motor vehicle has to offer and the challenge of accomplishing your goal of obtaining a Licence in a safe environment and time and cost efficient manner.

We don’t just want your money, we want to be able to say that we offered you an unrivalled guide in all aspects of driver education where every bit of information we teach you is practical and easy to understand by all and that will ultimately lead to you becoming a safe and fully competent Licenced driver.

Stay safe, here’s hoping I see you on the roads soon.

Thank you for your interest in using Accur8DrivingLessons.

George Iacobaccio

Should you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions, feel free to contact us by
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